Natalya + Andrew – A State College Engagement session

I met Natalya and Andrew in State College for a super fun engagement session.  It only took a few minutes for me to be enraptured with them as individuals and as a couple. 

Did I mention that I will be photographing a superhero’s wedding?

You have to love balloons!!!

My favorite part of the time – the laughter.  Lots and lots of laughter!!!

Shannon + Tony – Johnstown Wedding Photography

I’m getting geared up for the beginning of wedding season.  Romance is in the air.  I can’t wait!!!!

Here’s a fabulous engagement session in the fall with Shannon and Tony.  I can still hear the laughter.


Lindsey + Nathan – Altoona, PA Wedding Photography

During their high school years, an alley separated Lindsey and Nathan’s houses.  Little did they realize, their basketball games in his driveway would one day lead to more.
Nathan and Lindsey, it was a great honor to be able to photograph this one most magnificent day in your journey together.

Most of our pictures were taken in downtown Altoona.  Not too shabby, Nathan….

Lots of lovin’ from the ladies…

Some details…

I love this moment!

It seemed fitting to have some pictures in an alley : )

The next two: Lindsey with her grandfather and then Lindsey with her brothers

The little people were sooooo cute.

And off to wander around downtown…


Lindsey, you are radiant!

I could have photographed you two all day!!!

Their laughter was contagious.

One of my favorite parts of downtown, a cobblestone alley!

Laughter is my favorite thing to photograph.

The day was filled with lots of favorite moments!

Overlooking the city

Love it!

Ahhhhh…. sunshine.

And off to the party at the Altoona Heritage Discovery Center

Lindsey’s fruit theme was so much fun.

I want to give a special shout out to the guys at Local Motion (State College, PA) for helping to make this party a blast.

Love it!


Lindsey and Nathan, thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!   May the years only sweeten the romance…

Derek + Elizabeth – Altoona, PA wedding photography

Here’s my heart, oh take and seal it… – Robert Robinson, 1758

One of my favorite phone calls of the year came from Derek.  He was giddy.  “I’m going to propose to Elizabeth, would you be willing to photograph it?” he asked.

Elizabeth is one of my dearest friends.  She’s done hard. As a widow with 3 small children, she’s lived hard with more courage and grace than what I knew was possible.

This proposal is a one of my favorite photography moments yet.  On my climb to the top of the rain soaked mountain and back I got to photograph a little picture of redeeming love.

Kristen + Kris – Altoona, PA Wedding Photography


At the mention of his name she gently touches her face and giggles.  I’m caught off guard by the warmth of her smile and her humble grace.  Kris and Kristen… she loves that their names are so cute together.

He’s spent the past several years serving our country abroad in army special forces.  Yet in the midst of all of the seriousness and sacrifice that his station requires, he still makes her laugh with his silliness.  Their playfulness is intimate.  And Sacred.

Kris and Kristen, the whole day was a delight for me.  Thanks for letting me photograph a picture of your world.


Much to my delight, Kris and Kristen opted for the first look.  These moments are ALWAYS so touching.  

The exchange of cards…

The time before the ceremony at the Women’s Club of Altoona was so relaxing and sweet.


I can’t get enough of how much love radiated from Kris and Kristen!

Kristen, you are amazing!!!

Girl time!

And everyone holds there breath for the big moment. 

The ceremony took place in the magnificent Baker Mansion lawn.   Afterwards we wandered around the ground for more amazing pictures!

Love it!!!

Just a couple details I want to point out: the unity tree and the amazing cake.   I just want to give a shout out to the amazing crew at the Casino at Lakemont; you all really know how to throw a rocking party!

Thank you, Kris and Kristen, for including me in the first day of your lifelong commitment to each other.  May your journey get sweeter as the years pass by.

Megan Alsop - March 18, 2015 - 5:45 am


I am planning a small, very late wedding at Omni Bedford Springs Resort for Saturday 5/23/15 and am interested to find out if you would be able to take pictures?

Thank you!
Megan Alsop

Frederick, MD

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